Acupuncture points for weight loss

Counting calories and planning low-calorie, balanced and healthy meals are some of the techniques which usually don’t help us to get rid of excess weight. All those who decided to finally change these things must introduce in their daily routine a few changes. But with all of this, getting the ultimate weight loss should not be a difficult process. By following the incredibly simple but effective tricks, you can soon have a slender body of your dreams.

On the body there are several points that are in direct relation with the center of hunger in our brain. And that means that putting acupressure pins on those points can lessen or completely stop the feeling of hunger. The key point of pressure, to stop hunger and curb appetite, is half way between the upper lip and nose.

Only in the ear there are a few dozen points where it is possible to stimulate the various organs of the body. Acupuncture for weight loss elects those points that control appetite and the work of the digestive organs. Acupuncture might not be the only way to lose weight, it is best used in conjunction with a healthy diet program and adequate exercises.

On the treatment, a therapist is stimulating the certain points that may be in the ear or on the entire body. There are therapies derived from acupuncture in which the needles are inserted in particular points for a long time. They remain, for example in the ear for 3 months. Some cases have proven to be very effective as an aid in weight loss. People who have tried acupuncture in combination with diet usually say that acupuncture decreased appetite and food cravings. (You can read our article Can Acupuncture help with weight loss)

The acupuncture therapist will identify acupuncture points on your body, while focusing on the digestive system for the rapid metabolism of fat, and the removal of toxins from the body.

What are Acupuncture Points for Weight Loss

For an acupuncture point called spleen 6, it’s necessary to stimulate an area from the top of the ankle bone on the inside of the right leg and to press the edge of the shin bone. This method will help to balance fluids. And for acupuncture point stomach 36, press the point that is located four fingers below the kneecap next to the shin bone to the outside. This may help for weight loss.

Acupuncture point spleen 9 reveals a powerful energy which goes directly to the inside to the organs and helps for weight loss immediately. It has a direct action on the body and harmonizes the stomach and the spleen-pancreas. To activate the acupuncture point colon 4 press the skin between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. This will free congestion and headaches, remove energy blockages in the colon and thus help to eliminate extra kilograms.

Acpuncture points

Acupuncture points for weight loss

Acupuncture point stomach 45 is located in the outer corner of the nail on your finger to the thumb. It helps in case of constant hunger, constant thirst, indigestion and upset stomach, which can be helpful to eat less and lose weight.

If you need to get rid of a larger number of pounds, acupuncture treatments can last for a longer period. Treatments should be organized 3-5 times a week. To remove the 5-10 kilograms, acupuncture treatments last for 3 to 5 weeks, depending on your metabolism. The treatment lasts 30-45 minutes and it’s performed using sterile needles that are putting pressure on specific acupuncture points on the body. Needles will stimulate the release of endorphins in the body.

To be successful in losing weight with acupuncture, it is important not to skip and not absent from the agreed treatment, as this leads to the interruption and reduction of acupuncture therapy. Only with perseverance you can achieve your goals!

Our body has about 2,000 acupuncture points and each point has a different aspect of treatment. Remember that the method of acupuncture is one of the aids for weight loss, and it is necessary to combine it with a low calories diet and physical activity.

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